कृषि अभियांत्रिकी महाविद्यालय, जि. परभणी - ४३१ ४०२ (महाराष्ट्र)

College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology Dist. Parbhani - 431 402 (Maharashtra)

Department of Soil and Water Conservation Engineering (SWCE)

Name of Head of Department with designation and contact details Prof B W BHUIBHAR, Associate Professor, DEPARTMENT OF SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION ENGINEERING C A E T, VNMKV PARBHANI. Mob: 7588571545


  • Soil Mechanics
  • Surveying & Levelling
  • Hydrology

Name of PG and Ph D student alongwith research projects and guide

Sr. No. Name of student Reg. No. Title Project Guide
PG Programme
1 Ms. Ananya Mishra 2020AE/10M Redesigning of farm pond sizes for Maharashtra region under changing climate Dr. M.S.Pendke
2 Biradar Siddhanagoud Mahadev 2019AE/11M Prioritization of Subwatersheds In Kayadhu Watershed based on marphometric and land use analysis using Remote sensing and GIS Techniques Dr. S. D. Payal
3 Kale Shubham Madhavrao 2020AE/124M Planning of Thridhara Watershed using Geospatial Technology Prof. M.R. More
4 Sarode Sanket Ashok 2020AE/13M Geo-Marphometrical and Land Use Analysis of Hanga River Watershed by using Remote Sensing and GIS. Prof B.W. Bhuibhar
Ph.D. Programme
1 More M R 2017AE02P Hydrologic studies and impact evaluation of soil and water conservation measures in kadwanchi watershed Dr. U. M. KHODKE
2 More Ram Manikrao 2018AE/02P Morphometric characterisation using geo-spatial techniques and estimation of surface runoff and soil loss in karpara watershed Prof B.W. Bhuibhar
3 Pawar S. N. 2019AE02P Assessment of runoff potential and soil loss vulnerability and suggestion of water harvesting and erosion structures for university area Prof. B. W. Bhuibhar
4 G Bharath Govindraju H N 2022AE/01P Yet to finalize Dr. U M Khodke
5 Bhendekar M. T. 2022AE/02P Yet to finalize Prof B.W. Bhuibhar

List of Instruments in the Department

1. Surveying and levelling Instruments:- Theodolite, Automatic leveling, Total survey station, Quick setting levels, dumpy levels, land slope measuring instruments, metric chains, tapes, Plane table survey sets, drafting machine, Compass survey sets, Pentagraph, planimeter, drafting machine, ammonia pritnting machine, tracing table, etc.

2. Hydrological Instruments:- Water current meters, raingauges, hygrometer, wind vane apparatus, Oven, soil moisture boxes, meteorological screen, open and sunkan pan evaporimeter, ‘Hinstruments ‘flumes, Infiltrometer, Parshal flume, Water conveying structure’s models, Aneroid barometer, water level indicator, stage level recorders, oil engine- 5 hp, portable water pump set-2 hp, etc.

3. Soil Mechanics Instruments:- Brass sieve sets, sampling augers, shrinkage limit apparatus, compaction apparatus, top loading balance, physical balance, pycnometers, sieve shaker, triaxial shear test apparatus, etc.