कृषि अभियांत्रिकी महाविद्यालय, जि. परभणी - ४३१ ४०२ (महाराष्ट्र)

College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology Dist. Parbhani - 431 402 (Maharashtra)

Department of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (IDE)

Sr. No. Name of Department Department of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
1 Name of Head of Department Dr. H. W. Awari, Head
Mob. No. 8329577291
2 Faculty members and Designation and photo and Educational qualification Dr. H. W. Awari,Head
Dr. S. B. Jadhav,Assistant Professor
Dr. V. K. Ingle Assistant Professor
3 No. of Laboratories in the department along with photos 1. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
2. Micro irrigation Laboratory
3. Geoinformatics Lab.

Extension activities carried out in last three years

Doordarshan Talk
Sr. No. Name of Department Department of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Sr. No. Sr. No.
प्रा. एस. बी. जाधव १८/०१/२०१९ तुषार सिंचनाद्वारे पाणी व्यवस्थापन – निगा व काळजी दूरदर्शन, वरळी, मुंबई
डॉ. विशाल के. इंगळे ०४/०२/२०२१ ठिबक सिंचन संचाद्वारे खत व्यवस्थापन दूरदर्शन केंद्र , वरळी, मुंबई
डॉ. हरीश वा. आवारी १९/०२/२०२१ रबी पिकांसाठी हवामान आधारित पाणी व्यवस्थापन दूरदर्शन केंद्र , वरळी, मुंबई
डॉ. एस. बी. जाधव ०४/०५/२०२१ सुक्ष्म सिंचन पद्धतीचा आत्मा – पाणी गाळण यंत्रणा शेकरू टीव्ही
डॉ. एस. बी. जाधव २९/०७/२०२१ सुक्ष्म सिंचन पद्धतीमधील पाणी गाळण यंत्रणा शेकरू टीव्ही
१. डॉ. विशाल इंगळे, डॉ. हरिश आवारी (२०२१) पिकाच्या सुयोग्य वाढीसाठी जल निचरा प्रणालीचे महत्त्व शेतीभाती मासिक वनामकृवि, परभणी
२. डॉ. सुमंत जाधव, डॉ. हरिश आवारी, डॉ. विशाल इंगळे (२०२२) सुक्ष्म सिंचन पद्धतीसाठी आम्ल व क्लोरीन प्रक्रिया : शेतीभाती मासिक वनामकृवि, परभणी

Name of PG and Ph. D. student along with research projects and Guide

Sr. No. Name of student Title of Dissertation Name of Guide
1 Mr. Balore Kapileshwar Ashokrao Determination of crop water requirement and crop coefficient at different growth stages of groundnut and okra using lysimeter Dr. H. W. Awari
2 Miss. Rohokale Ankita Sadashiv Effect of drip irrigation and fertigation on yield and economics of cluster bean (Cyamposis Tetragonoloba) Dr. S. B. Jadhav
3 Miss. Waghmare Bhagyashri Nathrao Estimation of irrigation water requirement and geospatial mapping of weekly crop evapotranspiration of major crops of Marathwada region Dr. U. M. Khodke

List of the major equipments/ instruments available in the department

Sr. No. Name of the Instrument
1 Lysimeter
2 Automatic Weather Station
4 Notch Apparatus: Standard Rectangular, V & trapezoidal notch
5 Pipe friction Apparatus
6 Drip irrigation set with all components and accessories
7 Bernoulli’s apparatus
8 Metacentric height apparatus
9 Parshall Flumes
10 Tilting flume apparatus
11 Current meter
12 Hot air oven
13 Tensiometers
14 Cylindrical infiltrometers
15 Different manometers
16 Pan evaporimeter
17 Electrical resistivity meter
18 Different pumps: Centrifugal, reciprocating, submersible
19 Different components of pumping unit: impellers, foot valves, etc.
20 Different flow control valves for pipe flow
21 Different pipe fittings
22 Different types of pipes
23 Pump test rig
24 Different water regulating structures in canal irrigation: head regulators, canal regulators, cross drainage works, etc.
25 Surveying instruments
26 Different augers
27 Soil thermometers
28 Raingun irrigation model