कृषि अभियांत्रिकी महाविद्यालय, जि. परभणी - ४३१ ४०२ (महाराष्ट्र)

College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology Dist. Parbhani - 431 402 (Maharashtra)

Department of Farm Machinery and Power Engineering

Sr.No. Name of the Department Department of Farm Machinery and Power
1 Name of Head of Department with Designation and Contact Details Dr. S.N.Solanki
Associate Professor and Research Engineer AICRP on UAE 8007752526
2 Faculty Members with Designation and Educational Qualification 1. Dr. P.A.Munde
Asstt.Prof (Farm Machinery and Power)
2. Dr. G.U.Shinde
Asstt.Prof (Mech.Engg.)
3. Prof. D.V.Patil
Asstt.Prof ( Farm Machinery and Power ) M.Tech FMP and NET
3 No.of Laboratorys in the Department with Photographs 1. Worksop
2. Farm Machinery Lab
3. Drawing Lab.
4. Farm Power lab with Tractor cut model
5. Cad /CAM Lab
4 Extension Activities in last three Years Participation in Kharif ,rabi shetkari Melwa

Name of PG and Ph.D students along with Research Projects

Sr.No. Name of Student Project Title Guide
1 Harkal A.D. Ph.D Ist Project to be decided Dr.S.N.Solanki
2 Gethe R. A. Comparative evaluation of rotary mode Agro Processing unit operated by bullock and solar power Dr. R.T.Ramteke
3 Kambale G.V. Performance Evaluation of UAE developed Bullock Operated Turmeric Digger Dr. P.A.Munde
4 Bhalerao S.R. Performance Evaluation Of Field Robot For Detection Of Pink Bowl Worm In BT Cotton Dr. G.U.Shinde
5 Kakade O.D. Design Development of Automatic Vegetable Transplanter Dr. G.U.Shinde
6 Ms Pote V.R. Development/ Adoption of Farm mechanization in Hilly areas Dr. S.N.Solanki
7 Ms Shinde V.S. Design Development Of Bullock Drawn SPV Water Pumping System Dr. R.T.Ramteke
8 Ms. Priyanka N.K. Design Development of of Animal Lifting Device Dr. S.N.Solanki
9 Vishal Kuljkarni Ist M.Tech Project to be decided to be decided
10 Shweta Shinde Ist M.Tech Project to be decided to be decided

Details of demonstration: 2020-21

Sr.No. Name of Instruments
1 Digital lux Meter
2 Infrared Thermometer
3 Digital soil thermometer
4 Digital tachometer Non Contact type
5 Digital tachometer Contact type
6 Sound level meter
7 Digital Dynometer
8 Anemometer
9 Syscon Precision Force and Torque measurement
10 Digital Humidity and temp meter
11 Air flow meter
12 Soil moisture meter
13 Temperature sensor with digital Temp. Indicator cum controller
14 Ultra compact optical emission spectrometer
15 Soil compaction meter
16 human vibration meter
17 Weighing balance
18 Emission gas analyser
19 Digital load cell with indicator
20 Engine test rig